We strive to work together with schools to maximize their teaching potential through an efficiently designed timetable. It is our vision that all of our customers can maximize their potential through the most effective use of their school's resources. We work hard to design timetables with teachers in mind so that their teaching experience is improved and they can better focus on student needs. Lastly, and most importantly, we work for the students. We do everything possible to ensure that every student course selection is upheld and design difficulties of timetabling tasks have as little influence on their learning experience as possible.

Timetabling Services

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Data Management

At TISE, we make use of our data management skills to shorten tasks which many schools find laborious. Since time allowance for simple tasks such as manual data entry is substantially reduced, our staff have more time available to try different approaches and look for better alternatives to many timetabling solutions yielding a better overall result.

Timetabling Algorithms

Given that no singular software solution currently exists on the market capable of handling the extreme variability between different schools' timetables, we make use of multiple pieces of software both commercially available and privately developed to maximize the effectiveness of the overall product. However, even with our approach, it is mathematically impossible for a computer to iterate through all the possible timetabling combinations due to the vast number of variables. This is why it is vital that experience based intuition is relied upon to guide the numerical iterations down the right path.

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Customer Support

We offer unparalleled customer support which includes having a staff member dedicated exclusively to your school and working full time to generate the best possible timetabling results. We prioritize customer satisfaction above anything else which is why we work closely with our customers, communicate our progress continuously and inquire whether any adjustments to the product would improve their experience.