If your school provides an outstanding education through a variety of courses taught in a unique manner then it no doubt has a specialized timetable which tailors to students' every need. 

Unfortunately, such a timetable is time consuming and arduous to create. 

The start-to-finish approach offered at TISE shelters our clients from the unnecessary burdens of timetabling and provides the final product along with the necessary support throughout the year.

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Unlike many other scheduling companies, we do not offer timetabling software or vague consulting services.

Instead, we assume the trouble of creating the timetable. From start to finish we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that their needs are met and reflected in the final product. A dedicated staff member works on your timetable exclusively from start-to-finish to make sure that every client is left satisfied.

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A good timetable forms the backbone of the education offered by a school which is why we work hard to ensure that our customers' every request is fulfilled.

At TISE we are dedicated to our clients' needs and those of the students. We work hard to ensure that timetabling constraints are stretched so as to accommodate the maximum teaching potential of a school. We strive to ease teacher load by making their schedules personalized but more importantly, to make sure that every student's course request is fulfilled.