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to entirely exempt your school from the annual trouble of creating a unique timetable. A dedicated staff member will handle all of your timetabling needs to ensure that the best possible results are obtained. We value the academic needs of students and strive to make sure that their choices are upheld even in the most arduous timetabling tasks.


Constraint Evaluation

Timeline Establishment

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Final School Timetable

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Tentative Student Timetable

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Master Timetable Assembly

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consists of the Planning, Production and Refinement stages, as shown on the right. A school's timetable is an evolving project where school administration and students may impose new requirements or pick alternatives, which is why we utilize a recursive approach where taking a step back is a possible and sometimes necessary option.


The Planning stage is where we meet your school, understand its unique features and establish a timeline for the entire project. This is effectively the preparation stage which will allow us to successfully get started on the assembly of your school's distinct timetable.


Production stage consists of the major phases in our assembly of the timetable. Results will be presented to schools upon completion of each phase for progress communication purposes. Schools will also have an opportunity to verify that all constraints are being met and to introduce any changes that may have been made since the beginning of the project.


The final is the Refinement stage where a tentative timetable is generated, any last changes are made to staff assignment and student choices after which the final school timetable is created. Nevertheless, if students have to be reassigned for either administrative purposes or personal choices, changes can still be made.